Mahonia nervosa

Dull Oregon Grape, Low Oregon Grape, Cascade Oregon Grape, Cascade Barberry

Dull Oregon grape is an evergreen shrub with holly-like leaves and yellowish bark and wood. Dull Oregon grape is identified by it's leaves, which have 9-19 leathery leaflets and 3 central veins within each leaf. These leaves are less shiny, or duller, than tall Oregon grape. Flowers will be bright yellow and in clusters, turning to blue berries with a white bloom in late summer.

Cultural Narrative: 

Dull oregon grape were often mixed with salal or other sweeter fruit in the past. Like tall Oregon grape, these berries are used today in jams and jellies. The bark and roots are bright yellow and are used to make a yellow dye.

Location Description: 

Dull Oregon grape grows in dry to fairly moist forests at low to mid elevation.