Lomatium nudicaule

"Indian Celery", Wild Celery

Lomatium nudicaule (Pursh) J.M. Coult. & Rose has a solitary stem or clustered stems from a stout taproot growing 20-60 cm in height. Leaves are thick, blue-green and compound, divded into 3 to 30 oval to lance-shaped leaflets. Flowers are light yellow and small in loose umbrella-like clusters. 

Cultural Narrative: 

The young sprouts, leaf-stalks, and leaves were a common food of many groups and were consumed in spring to early summer before the plant finished blooming. The flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds were also used as flavoring for teas, soups, stews, tobacco, or in steaming-pits to flavor other foods. Some groups may have consumed the roots as well.

Location Description: 

Dry open slopes, meadows, and sparsely wooded places.